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Our Profile

Doing business in the fields of Industry, Construction, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC), trade, area management, capacity building services in the field of construction, engineering and planning services, development and optimizing the utilization of the Company's resources for/increasing the value of the Company by implementing the principles Limited Liability Company principles.

Source: Company Articles of Association in Deed Number 31 Article 3

Ir. Novel Arsyad, MM

Synergy and Innovation Improving Public Services

As one of the best construction and investment companies in Indonesia, PTPP will continue to provide the best quality trademarks by optimizing innovation and leading technology to produce superior works from the nation's sons and daughters for the development of Indonesia.

Ir. Novel Arsyad, MM

President Director


To became construction company, EPC, and investment that superior, synergized, and sustainable in Southeast Asia region

  1. Providing construction and EPC services, as well as investing based on good corporate governance, QHSE management, risk management, and environmentally friendly concepts
  2. Develop a business synergy strategy to create high competitiveness and optimal added value to stakeholders
  3. Realizing superior human resources with fulfillment, development and assessment processes based on corporate culture
  4. Optimizing innovation, information technology, and knowledge management to achieve sustainable superior performance
  5. Develop corporate strategies to increase the company's financial capacity

Our Core Values

Trust Hold fast to the trust given
Competent Continue to learn and develop capabilities
Harmonic Caring for and appreciating differences
Loyal Dedicated and prioritize the importance's of nation and state
Adaptive Continue to innovate and enthusiastic in moving or facing the change
Collaborative Building the synergistic cooperation
Our History
1953 1953
PT PP (Persero) was established under the name of NV Pembangunan Perumahan based on the Notarial Deed No. 48 of August 26, 1953. At the time it was established PT PP (Persero) was estrusted to build houses for the officers of PT Semen Gresik Tbk, a subsidiary of BAPINDO in Gresik. Along with increased trust, PT PP (Persero) received the duty to construct large projects that were related to war compensations the Government of Japan paid to the Republic of Indonesia, namely : - Hotel Indonesia, Bali Beach Hotel, - Ambarukmo Palace Hotel and - Samudera Beach Hotel.
Organization Management
  • Commissioners
  • Directors
  • GCG, Risk Monitoring, Nomination, and Remuneration Comittee
  • Audit Committee
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Internal Audit Unit
Ir. Dhony Rahajoe
Ir. Dhony Rahajoe President Commissioner concurrently as Independent Commissioner
Dr. Ernadhi Sudarmanto, Ak., M.M., M.Ak.,  CFE., CFrA., CA., QIA., ASEAN CPA, CGCAE., CIAE, CGRE, FRMP, CREL
Dr. Ernadhi Sudarmanto, Ak., M.M., M.Ak., CFE., CFrA., CA., QIA., ASEAN CPA, CGCAE., CIAE, CGRE, FRMP, CREL Commissioner
Dr. Ir. Hedy Rahadian, M.Sc.
Dr. Ir. Hedy Rahadian, M.Sc. Commissioners (Komisaris)
Ir. Pundjung Setya Brata, M.M.
Ir. Pundjung Setya Brata, M.M. Independent Commisioner
Dr. Jaya Kesuma, S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Jaya Kesuma, S.H., M.Hum. Independent Commissioner
Irjen. Pol. (Purn) Drs. Istiono, MH
Irjen. Pol. (Purn) Drs. Istiono, MH Independent Commissioner
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