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Kegiatan Usaha

In running its business, the Company divides its business into 2 (two), namely: Construction and Investment Services. The Construction Services Sector consists of Contractors (Building, Civil, and EPC) and Specialist Contractors (Specialists, Factories and Equipment). Meanwhile, in the investment sector, the Company divides it into Infrastructure, Energy and Property.

PT.PP Business Line Kegiatan Usaha



As a provider of public construction services, PTPP runs its business by focusing on construction service activities for the construction of buildings, civil/infrastructure, and EPC. This construction service activity has historical value, becomes a symbol of the state and provides great contribution to the society.

1.        Building Project Construction

For more than 6 (six) decades, PTPP has built various historical big building projects all over Indonesia. PTPP supremacy in working on building construction projects has been continuing until now in order to fulfill various need of society and institutions both for government and private sector extensively by working on building constructions, such as: offices, apartments, hotels, airports, hospitals, stadiums, schools and universities, malls, up to other public service facilities. The Building Project Construction which has been carried out by PTPP, such as: Hotel Indonesia (Jakarta), Grand Bali Beach Hotel (Bali), Ambarukmo Palace Hotel (DI Yogyakarta), Bank Indonesia Building Gorontalo Regional Representative Office (South Sulawesi), Singapore Embassy (Jakarta), ministry of Public Works (Jakarta), bni 46 Tower Pejompongan (Jakarta), Palaran Stadium (East Kalimatan),  Papua Bangkit Stadium or Lukas Enembe Stadium (Papua), Yogyakarta International Airport (Yogyakarta Special Region), Konawe Regional Public Hospital (South Sulawesi), Surabaya State University (East Java), dsb.

           2.        Civil or Infrastructure Project Construction

In serving Civil or Infrastructure Constructions, PTPP has kept been improving in infrastructure construction to support the economic activity of the Indonesian people. In order to support Government Program in realizing developed Indonesia that is just and equitable, PTPP is trusted to carry out the duties in developing the nation by building various public facilities and utilities, such as: Roads, Toll roads, Bridges, Dams, Irrigations, Sea Ports, Airport Runways, Railways, up to tunnels. Construction of infrastructure or civil construction services which has been carried out by PTPP, as follows: Depok - Antasari Toll Road (Jakarta), Medan - Kualanamu Tebing Tinggi Medan Toll Road (North Sumatera), Pandaan - Malang Toll Road (East Jawa), Manado - Bitung Toll Road (North Sulawesi), Apron Bandara Kualanamu (North Sumatera), Area Clearing and Expansion of Ngurah Rai West Airport Apron  (Bali), Runway 3 of  Soekarno Hatta Airport (Banten), Way Sekampung Dam (Lampung), Lolak Paket II Dam (North Sulawesi),  Youtefa atau Holtekam  Bridge (Papua), Teluk Kendari Bridge (South East Sulawesi), Kalibaru container Port (Jakarta), Makassar New Port (Sulawesi Selatan), merak Dock IV (Banten), Bojonegoro - Cepu Railways (East Java), dsb.

           3.        EPC Project Construction

PTPP has spread its wings in EPC Construction services since 2011 for which the company has built more than 30 (thirty) power plants with total capacity of 2.831 (Two thousand eight hundred thirty-one) MW. Developing business in EPC is designed with a business model that consider market segment, competitive strategy, value chain structure, revenue, capital, and growth strategy. PTPP has determined EPC business road map with the goal and focus in energy sector, oil, gas and mining. Some of EPC construction services construction project, as follows: Coal Fire Steam Power Plant 2X7 MW (Lampung), Lombok GECC Power Plant (Peaker) (Lombok), PLTG Pontianak 100 MW (Pontianak), PLTP Kamojang 50 MW (Garut), Bangkanai Gas Engine Power Plant 155 MW (Kalimantan Tengah), Wellpad & Access Road Cepu (Jawa Timur), PLTD Senayan 100 MW (Jakarta), dsb.



As construction service providers, PTPP through its subsidiary: PT PP Presisi Tbk (“PPRE”) and PT PP Urban (“PPUB”) run its business that focus in construction services which divides in 3 (three) segments: Construction Specialist, Plant and Equipment.

1.        Specialist

Specialist field consists of: Precast Building, Mechanical Electrical are carried out by PPUB, while Earth Moving, Bored Pile, Formwork, Mining Service, dan Erection are carried out by PPRE.

           2.        Plant

Plant filed consists of: Ready-mix, Precast Plant, and Asphalt Mixing Plant. These are entrusted to PPRE and PPUB to run the business with quality precast concrete production capability.

           3.        Equipment

In the field of Equipment, the scope of work is as follows: Heavy Equipment, Shoring, and Aluminum Formwork. In this field, PTPP through its subsidiary PPRE is trusted to manage and develop construction equipment.





PTPP through its subsidiaries, namely: PPRO, divides its business portfolio into 3 (three) sectors, namely: Residential, Mall& Edutainment and hotel. PPRO works on the the development, construction and operation of a number of commercial buildings, hotels, apartments, offices, settlements, shopping centers, trade centers and other facilities to meet the evolving needs and lifestyles of the people. PPRO emphasizes the middle class market by selectively looking at the upper class market opportunities and always prioritizes the development of high rise buildings under the concept of “Beyond Space”.

The products produced and managed by PPRO are as follows: Grand Kamala Lagoon, Grand Shamaya, Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon, Grand Sungkono Lagoon, Gunung Putri Square, Begawan Apartement, The Alton Apartment, Little Tokyo Jababeka Golf City, Ma-Zhoji, The Ayoma Apartment, Park Hotel Jakarta, Prime Park Hotel Bandung, Kaza City Mall, Balikpapan Ocean Square, Kidzania Surabaya, Lagoon Avenue Bekasi, dsb. 

To meet Government program, PTPP through its subsidiary namely PPUB runs its business in precast concrete, construction and Low-Income Housing sectors. The property products generated by PPUB, as follows: URBANtown Serpong, URBANtown Karawang, dan Apartemen Sudimara Forestwalk.

Beside PPRO and PPUB, PTPP established its subsidiary named PT Sinergi Colomadu (“SCM”) to meet society growing need and life styles through managing a resort named “De Tjolomadoe” located in Karang Anyar, Central Java. In De Tjolomadoe ressort people can find facilities such as Museum, Shopping and Dining spaces. The spaces in De Tjolomadoe can be used for Various activities such as: wedding, meeting, and other big events. Furthermore, PTTP has its subsidiary named PT Centurion Perkasa Iman (“CPI”) which manages Swiss Belhotel in Balikpapan.



PTPP through its subsidiary, PT PP Infrastruktur (“PP Infra”) is in charge of managing the assets of the parent company which focuses on the investment of inf rastructure. PP Inf ra will continue to grow and contribute optimally to national development. PP Infra focuses its investment on 7 (seven) sectors, namely: MRT, toll roads, seaport, telecommunications infrastructure, water management, gas network infrastruktur and industrial zone. In these segments, PP Infra serves as the investor or project owner. Below are the projects whose share ownership is owned directly by PP Infra, namely: SPAM Jati Sari, Bekasi; SPAM Kali Angke Tangerang Selatan, SPAM Gresik, SPAM Lintas Kota Pekanbaru-Kabupaten Kampar, SPAM Pekanbaru Kota; danTelekomunikasi Infrastruktur (Fiber Optic).

Some investment projects which its shares are still owned by PTPP currently are as follows:

  • Management of Depok-Antasari Toll Road Project along 21.5 km with 12.50% share ownership;
  • Kuala Multi Port Terminal Kuala Tanjung, North Sumatra with 25% share ownership;
  • Development of Section 4B and 5 and the management of Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra Toll Road along 61.7 km with 15% share ownership;
  • Management of Balikpapan - Samarinda Toll Road project along 99.32 km with 15% share ownership;
  • Construction and Management of Pandaan-Malang Toll Road project along 37.6 km with 35% share ownership;
  • Construction and Management of Manado-Bitung Toll Road project along 39 km with 15% share ownership;
  • Construction and Management of Serang- Panimbang Toll Road Project along 50.91 km with 15%.

PTPP also owns its subsidiary which runs Toll road investment namely: PT PP Semarang Demak (“PPSD”). PPSD was established to manage Semarang-Demak toll road which is still under construction. Semarang – Demak Toll road is one of National Strategic Projects (“NSP”) which is planned by the Government. PTPP has 73.85% shares owners in this company.



PTPP has developed business road map that targets and focuses on the investments by considering various aspects of the review through its subsidiary which is engaged in the investment of Oil & Gas, Thermal Power Plant and Renewable Energy, namely PPEN. The investments are as follows:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas (PT Odira Energy Karang Agung (Producing Oil Field, Target 500 BOPD)
  • Downstream Oil & Gas (Nipa Island Oil Storage Tank Terminal Mio CBM)
  • Thermal Power Plant (PT Sepoetih Daya Prima (IPP Lampung Tengah Coal Fired Power Plant 2x7 MW), PT Meulaboh Power Generation (IPP Meulaboh Coal Fired Power Plant 2x200 MW), PT Pembangkitan Perkasa Daya (UPP Jami 2 Mine Mouth Coal Fired Power Plant 2x300 MW))
  • Renewable Energy (PT Inpola Meka Energi (IPP Lau Gunung Mini Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) 2x7,5 MW), Solo Citra Metro Plasma Power (IPP Surakarta Waste to Energy 5 MW – a subsidiary of PTPP currently manage by PT PP Energi))






  • PT.PP Project - Bank Indonesia Provinsi Papua
    Bank Indonesia Provinsi Papua Bank Indonesia Provinsi Papua
    Project Started Contract Value
    27 April 2016 Rp. 227.561.656.000,-
  • PT.PP Project - Jembatan Youtefa Jayapura
    Jembatan Youtefa Jayapura Jayapura
    Project Started Contract Value
    27 July 2015 Rp. 858.720.461.000.-
  • PT.PP Project - Jembatan SIAK
    Jembatan SIAK Riau
    Project Started Contract Value
    01 January 2015
  • PT.PP Project - Kemang View Apartment
    Kemang View Apartment Kemang View Apartment - Bekasi
    Project Started Contract Value
    12 November 2012 Rp. 119.504.243.999,00
  • PT.PP Project - Landmark PLUIT
    Landmark PLUIT Landmark PLUIT - Jakarta
    Project Started Contract Value
    12 September 2012 Rp. 331.512.963.888,00
  • PT.PP Project - St. Moritz
    St. Moritz Jakarta
    Project Started Contract Value
    16 November 2009 Rp 130.900.000.000,00
  • PT.PP Project - Dermaga Kariangau (Paket B)
    Dermaga Kariangau (Paket B) Balikpapan - Kalimantan Timur
    Project Started Contract Value
    15 June 2009 Rp. 252.754.999.999,70
  • PT.PP Project - Stadion Utama Palaran
    Stadion Utama Palaran Samarinda
    Project Started Contract Value
    28 September 2005 Rp 459.350.000.000,00
  • PT.PP Project - Barelang Cable Stayed Bridge
    Barelang Cable Stayed Bridge Batam
    Project Started Contract Value
    11 October 1993 Rp 93.151.626.976,00
  • PT.PP Project - RS Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar
    RS Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar Makassar
    Project Started Contract Value

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