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PTPP Raih Kontrak Baru sd Mei sebesar Rp. 6,7 Triliun
21 June 2021

PTPP Wins New Contract until the End of May as of Rp. 6.7 Trillion

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading, largest, and leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (“PTPP”) has secured a new contract until the end of May 2021 amounting to Rp. 6.7 trillion. The acquisition of the new contract consisted of the Parent Company amounting to 60.85% or Rp. 4.08 trillion and Subsidiaries by 39.15% or Rp. 2.62 trillion.

As for the acquisition of new contracts that were achieved by PTPP up to the end of May, among others: the construction of the Dawuan Toll Road Cisumdawu Junction project amounting to Rp. 825 billion, Pegadaian Tower Rp. 594 billion, Jalan KIT Batang Package 1.4 Rp. 350 billion, Mandalika Area Infrastructure Rp. 342 billion, Banten Hospital Rp. 241 billion, Taman Ismail Marzuki Rp. 190 billion, Bogeg Bridge & Fly Over KA Bogeg Banten Rp. 180 billion, Kuala Kapuas Swamp Irrigation Network Rehab Rp. 178 billion, LIPI Bandung Rp. 172 billion, RSIA Grha Waron Surabaya Rp. 164 billion, VO SGAR Mempawah (Inner Route) Rp. 164 billion, etc.

Obtaining a new contract until May 2021 Rp. 6.7 trillion based on ownership are as follows: Government (Government) of 1.90 trillion or equivalent to 28.34%, BUMN (SOE) of Rp. 1 trillion or equivalent to 15.32%, and Private (Private) of Rp. 3.78 trillion or the equivalent of 56.34%. Meanwhile, the acquisition of new contracts based on the type or type of work is as follows: Roads & Bridges by 53.74%, Buildings by 32.78%, Industry by 5.26%, Irrigation by 4.99%, Airport by 1.36%, Oil & Gas by 1.17%, and Power Plant by 0.70%.

PTPP managed to book a new contract of Rp. 6.7 trillion until the end of May 2021. PTPP is still pursuing new contracts this year to achieve the set targets. In May 2021, PTPP was trusted to work on the construction project of the Dawuan Cisumdawu Toll Junction, Jalan KIT Batang Package 1.4, Wawotobi Irrigation Area, RSUD Krian, and RSUD Batang I. Meanwhile, PTPP has also begun to enter the mining area through its subsidiary, namely PT PP Presisi Tbk. Where this is one form of the company's new market development.