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PTPP Raih BUMN Performance Excellence Award 2020
04 March 2020

PTPP Achieve BUMN Performance Excellence Award 2020

PT PP (Persero) Tbk ("Company") won the SOE Performance Excellence Award ("BPEA") 2020. Located at the Kempinski Hotel Jakarta, M. Aprindy as Director of Corporate Strategy & HCM on behalf of the Company received the award on Wednesday afternoon (04/03 ). The award was given by the organizers because the Company successfully entered the list of 9 (nine) SOEs that succeeded to reach the level of Industry Leader in the BUMN 100 KPKU Assessment conducted by the SOE Ekselen Assessment Forum Team in 2019 where the Company managed to get a score of 677.5. This score exceeds the target score of the Company by 654. BPEA 2020 is organized by the BUMN Ekselen Forum in collaboration with Infobank Magazine.

Since 2012, the Company has participated in the KPKU assessment held by the BUMN BUMN Forum, starting with the title of Good Performance for 4 (four) years, the Emerging Industry Leader for 2 (two) years and in 2019 the Company successfully entered the level of Industry Leader. The Company's journey over the past 8 (eight) years has brought significant changes in bidya, one of which is the awareness of the importance of developing strategies and evaluating systems that support the achievement of the company's vision and mission. Not only that, KPKU also encourages the Company to continue to make innovations or improvements that have a direct impact on company performance. So that the Company continues to be motivated to always do innovation planning and evaluation of the results of the implementation of these innovations.