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PTPP Melalui Anak Usaha dan Cucu Usaha Lakukan Pemancangan Pertama SPAM Tanah Merah Kapasitas 200 Lpd
23 June 2022

PTPP Through its Subsidiaries and Grandsons Conduct the First Sampling of the Tanah Merah SPAM with a Capacity of 200 Lps

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading, largest, and leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (“PTPP”) through its subsidiaries and subsidiaries engaged in infrastructure investment, namely PT PP Infrastruktur (“PP Infra”) and PT PP Tirta Tanah Merah (“PP Tirta Tanah Merah”) carried out the activities of Piling the First Pole of the Tanah Merah Drinking Water Supply System (“SPAM”). The Tanah Merah SPAM located in Bekasi, West Java is a Build-Use-Delivery (“BOT”) collaboration between PP Tirta Tanah Merah as the Implementing Business Entity (“BUP”) and PDAM Tirta Bhagasasi, Bekasi Regency. The collaboration is in the context of increasing the supply of drinking water with a capacity of 200 liters per second (“lps”).

The groundbreaking ceremony for the first Tanah Merah SPAM was also attended directly by the Regent of Bekasi, Dani Ramdan, Director of PDAM Bhagasasi Usep Rahman Salim, Director of Operations of PT PP Infrastruktur Satya Priambodo, and Director of PT PP Tirta Tanah Merah Aan Hadiwibowo. The erection event was held on Wednesday (22/06) at the project site, namely Karangsambung Village, Kedungwaringin District, Bekasi Regency, West Java. The event was held with the implementation of very strict health protocols.