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PTPP bersama PT CNI Laksanakan Groundbreaking Proyek Smelter Kolaka
16 June 2019

PTPP and PT CNI Implement The Groundbreaking of Smelter Project in Kolaka

PT PP (Persero) Tbk ("the Company"), one of the leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia has signed a contract for the construction of a Smelter with Rotary Kiln Electric Furnance ("RKEF") technology with PT Ceria Nugraha Indotama ("PT CNI ") As an investor that took place at the PT CNI Jakarta Office in April. In the event, Nurlistyo Hadi as the Head of the EPC Division represented the Company signing the contract where PT CNI was represented by Derian Sakmiwata as the President Director.

Meanwhile, the Company and PT CNI, PT PLN (Persero) and other companies involved in the Smelter development process conducted a groundbreaking process for the Construction of the Smelter Factory at the project site on Saturday (06/15). The first pole erection program was marked by a joint keystroke attended by the Company's 3 Operations Director Abdul Haris Tatang, PT CNI President Director Derian Sakmiwata, PANRB Minister Syafruddin, Deputy Minister of ESDM Archandra Tahar, Southeast Sulawesi Governor Ali Mazi and Kolaka Regent Ahmad Safei. In addition, the implementation of the groundbreaking was also attended by the Management of the Company and PT CNI.

In the construction of this Smelter project, the Company acts as a contractor who will be responsible for the completion of projects that will collaborate with the ENFI consortium partners (China BUMN) where the Company is optimistic that it can complete the project for 24 (twenty four) months. With the success of the Company as an EPC contractor who has various experiences in working on power and oil and gas projects, the Company is now starting to plunge into the mineral processing industry.

The Ferronickel Smelter Construction Project located in Wolo District, Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi, will require an investment of Rp. 4 trillion for Phase 1 and the next phase will continue with a total investment value of Rp. 14.5 trillion. The Smelter Factory which has a total capacity of 4x72 MVA is targeted to be operational in 2021 and is expected to produce around 229,000 tons of Ferronickel (FeNi) annually with nickel levels of 22-24%. The construction of this Smelter plant uses RKEF technology which consists of 4 (four) rectangular electric furnaces where this technology is the first in Indonesia.