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Park Hotel Jakarta Implementasikan SOP New Normal, Manajemen PTPP Pastikan Park Hotel Jakarta Siap Beroperasi Kembali
15 June 2020

Park Hotel Jakarta Implements New Normal SOP, PTPP Management Ensures Park Hotel Jakarta is Ready to Operate Again

PT PP (Persero) Tbk through the Management of the Company paid a working visit to Park Hotel Jakarta, located in Cawang, East Jakarta. The working visit was carried out to ensure the readiness of hotel management in order to resume the operation of Park Hotel Jakarta in the New Normal era. The working visit which was held today Monday (06/15) was attended by the Board of Commissioners. Directors and Management of the Company.

At present, Park Hotel Jakarta has implemented a new Standard Operating Procedure ("SOP") related to the prevention of COVID-19 outbreaks for guests, employees, vendors and other stakeholders. This must be done considering the importance of the parties' awareness of the dangers of COVID-19 transmission, so that Management carries out strict supervision by carrying out SOPs on New Normal.

Park Hotel Management implements very strict health protocols for visitors and employees who will enter the hotel environment. One part of the health protocol for visitors or hotel guests, including checking the temperature of the guests, directing guests to use the hand sanitizer that has been provided and to check in and check out with the implementation of physical distancing. This also applies to hotel employees who will enter the work environment are required to carry out COVID-19 preventive health protocol procedures. Park Hotel Management also requires that all hotel employees directly in contact with guests use masks and face shields.

We will implement the COVID-19 health protocol very strictly for the common good and health. The hotel management has also provided education and training to all employees and hotel staff related to the New Normal SOP, which must be applied by all employees and officers when the hotel reopens.

The hospitality industry is one of the industries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the Company is optimistic that the hotel industry will soon rise gradually and gradually experience a recovery in this New Normal era. With reference to the policies and programs launched by the Ministry of Tourism and the Economic Economy and the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants, Park Hotel Jakarta will implement SOPs and the New Normal Health Protocol which emphasizes cleanliness, health and safety aspects that cover all operational activities and activities in hotels .

Park Hotel Jakarta

Park Hotel Jakarta is a business unit owned by a subsidiary of the Company which is engaged in property and real estate, namely PT PP Properti Tbk. The Company through the Business Development Division built Patria Park Apartments (operating in 2009) located in Cawang, East Jakarta where some of the profits were used by the Company to invest in the recurring income business, namely Park Hotel Jakarta. Then in 2013, the Company diversified its business by turning the Business Development Division into a subsidiary, namely PT PP Properti.

In addition to Park Hotel Jakarta, currently PT PP Properti Tbk has several hotels spread across Indonesia, including: Prime Park Hotel located in Bandung, Prime Park Hotel & Convention in Pekanbaru, Swiss-Bell Hotel located in Balikpapan, Palm Park Hotels & Conventions located in Surabaya and Prime Park Hotels & Conventions located in Lombok which are currently under construction.

At this time Park Hotel Jakarta has carried out preparations to reopen its business in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a health protocol that will be followed by a gradual reopening of other hotels.