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Gubernur Jawa Tengah Apresiasi Proyek PTPP
26 November 2021

Governor of Central Java Appreciates PTPP Project

Andi Gani Newa as President Commissioner concurrently Independent Commissioner of PT PP (Persero) Tbk (“PTPP”) together with Ganjar Pranowo as Governor of Central Java Province made a working visit to the Semarang-Demak Toll Road Package 2 construction project located in Central Java Province on Friday (26/11). The working visit to the toll road project was also attended by other management of PTPP, namely: Nur Rochmad as Independent Commissioner, Ernadhi Sudarmanto as Commissioner, Yul Ari Pramuraharjo as Director of Operations for Infrastructure, and Yuyus Juarsa as SVP Corporate Secretary of PTPP. To suppress and prevent the spread of Covid-19, the implementation of the working visit of the Board of Commissioners implemented a strict Covid-19 health protocol.

In a statement by the Toll Road Management Agency (BPJT), the toll road with a length of 26.7 km is divided into 2 (two) sections, namely Section 1 (Semarang/Kaligawe-Sayung) with a length of 10.39 kilometers for the Government portion and Section 2 (Sayung-Sayung). Demak) along the 16.31 kilometer portion of the Toll Road Business Entity (BUJT) PT Pembangunan Perumahan Semarang Demak (“PPD”). PPSD is a subsidiary of PTPP which is engaged in the development and management of toll roads. Apart from being an investor, PTPP also acts as a contractor in the construction of the toll road. The Semarang-Demak Toll Road Package 2 is part of the National Strategic Project (PSN) with a track length of 16.31 kilometers which starts from Sayung STA 10+394 to STA 26+704.

Until the second week of November 2021, the progress of the toll road construction has reached 58.55%, which is faster than planned. The scope of work includes: Slob on Pile work of 9,492 kilometers, embankment work of 6,144 km, and bridge structure work of 0.679 km. The Semarang-Demak Toll Road Package 2 construction project is targeted to be completed in 2022. The construction of this toll road project strictly implements QHSE performance where so far there have been zero project accidents (zero fatality).

The presence of the Semarang-Demak Toll Road which is integrated with the Semarang City sea wall is expected to support the growth of a new Economic Center in Central Java Province. In addition, with the presence of the toll road, it is hoped that it will open new accesses and make it easier for existing ones to access.

Ganjar Pranowo as the Governor of Central Java Province appreciates that the construction of the Semarang-Demak Toll Road Package 2 which was built by PTPP has helped local absorption of 650 people. With the absorption of labor in the local area will help improve the economy of the local community.