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Dukung Program Pemerintah Dalam Social Distancing, PTPP Berlakukan Partial Work From Home
18 March 2020

Supporting the Government Program in Social Distancing, PTPP Enact Partial Work From Home

PT PP (Persero) Tbk ("the Company") supports the Government's program in implementing Social Distancing due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the Republic of Indonesia and other countries in the world. Social Distancing in the form of Work, Study and Worship from home must be done by all levels of society so that the spread of COVID-19 is not widespread. Supporting the program, the Company began implementing a partial Work From Home ("WFH") where some employees work from home and others work in offices from today Wednesday (18/03).

The WFH implementation is supported by the information technology infrastructure that has been owned by the Company. Where with the application, employees can access it from home. The Company's technology applications can be accessed by all employees both for the Managerial, Communication & Collaboration and Operations aspects. From the Managerial aspect, Management and employees can access the Corporate Dashboard application and Daily Task Controlling (using Microsoft Planner software), while to conduct Communication and Collaboration for internal and external parties, Management and employees of the Company can be done by Video Conference (using Microsoft Teams software) , Corporate Email (Microsoft Exchange Online software) and ECM (Micrososft Sharepoint software). In terms of Operations, Management and employees can use the SAP ERP program, SAP Success Factors ("SiaPP") and 17 (seventeen) Internal Applications owned by the Company.

With the information technology infrastructure currently owned by the Company, it will be easier for management and employees to do their work from home and can easily communicate and coordinate with other employees who work in the office.