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Dukung Kesejateraan Bagi Masyarakat Indonesia, PTPP Berikan Kesempatan Bekerja Kepada Karyawan Difabel
04 August 2022

Supporting Welfare for Indonesian People, PTPP Provides Work Opportunities for Disabled Employees

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading, leading, and trusted construction and investment companies in Indonesia (“PTPP”) held a meeting to welcome the presence of disabled or disabled employees who had joined the company some time ago. The activity which was held at the Wisma Subiyanto Auditorium, Jakarta on Monday (01/08) was attended by the President Director of PTPP Novel Arsyad and accompanied by the Director of Corporate Strategy and HCM Linda Gustina, Director of Finance and Risk Management Agus Purbianto, SVP Corporate Secretary Bakhtiyar Efendi, SVP PTPP HCM Ni Made Sasanti, and other PTPP management.

PTPP has received 4 (four) disabled employees who are ready to work to develop the company. PTPP is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and equality to every Indonesian. The company's commitment is expressed directly by opening a recruitment program for prospective employees with disabilities. PTPP has also prepared adequate and friendly facilities and infrastructure for disabled employees around the work environment.

Just like others, a person with a disability should have the same opportunity to develop his career and work for Indonesia. These disabled employees have the right to participate and participate in achieving independence while improving their economic welfare. Therefore, PTPP also supports and provides equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. Employing disabled employees is able to provide added value to the company's reputation as an entity that is committed to realizing an inclusive world of work and respecting the principle of equality.