Human Capital

People Development

Quality Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a process to acquire excellent Human Capital according to Short-Term and Long-Term Plan of the Company. 

Recruitment process basis is formulated in Recruitment Plan that refers to former performance evaluation as well as as Company’s Short-Term and Long-Term Plan.The recruitment process consists of 3 (three) methods, as follows:

1. Official Duty Students Recruitment (RMID)
The Company cooperated with several reputable universities by giving official duty scholarship. In addition to create excellent talent, the program was also conducted to build early employee engagement since employee candidate phase.

2. Fresh Graduate
To create ready-to-work employee, the Company established Fresh Graduate recruitment program. The program provides career opportunity for fresh graduates via On the Job Training (OJT) program from the Company.

3. Professional Employee
To support rapid business activity and growth, that the qualification failed to be fulfilled from existing employees, the Company performed professional recruitment program by inviting third party as partner.