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Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System

Existence of WBS is part of internal audit system to prevent fraud event. In other words, it can be explained that PT PP (Persero) Tbk. 
Expects WBS existence will be an effective system in revealing several frauds and to take immediate handling in short period, as well as to fulfill following purposes:

  • Creating conducive climate and encouraging reporting several issues that may bring financial and non-financial loss and may harm the Company’s image as well as reducing loss due fraud event through early detection.
  • Handling fraud event via internal mechanism at first, before spreading into public fraud case and also to reduce risk encountered by the Company from the fraud both in terms of financial, operation, legal, occupational safety and reputation aspects.
  • Support the management in handling fraud report effectively as well as protect the whistleblower identity confidentiality and to protect information confidentiality in special archive guaranteed for its security.
  • Better reputation of the Company for the stakeholders, regulator and general public.

Scope of the report that will be processed in Whistleblowing System is fraud against Business Ethics, violation of prevailing law and regulation, conflict of interest or position abuse for external interest outside the Company and gratification.

Whistleblowing Mechanism

Whistleblowing mechanism by Whistleblower is principally done by formal mechanism through direct report submission/disclosure to Internal Audit Function as WBS manager.

  1.  Personnel of the Company to submit written report to WBS Manager if acknowledges anyviolation in the Company’s activity
  2. The violation report is submitted to WBS Manager through following channel/media:
  • ​Sending official letter addressed to Company c.q. Whistleblowing Manager Team, by direct delivery, sent via e-mail and facsimile personally addressed for Whistleblowing System channel or delivery via post mail to the Company
  • Sent to official address:
    Whistleblowing Manager Team
    PT PP (Persero) Tbk
    Gedung Wisma Subiyanto, lantai 3
    Jl. Letjen TB Simatupang No. 57
    Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta
    Jakarta 13760. Indonesia
    Email: pengaduan@ptpp.co.id
  • Written Whistleblowing report has to be attached with copy of identity and supporting evident such as documents related with violation that will be reported.
  • Anonymous whistleblower is accepted without Company’s obligation to respond due constraints in communicating and clarifying the report that will encounter a possibility that the report will not be processed.
  • Whistleblower Manager Team will accept and filter the Whistleblowing report received, whether any early indication or fulfilling Whistleblowing System report criteria and is illegible to be processed:
    •  Whistleblower with identity
    • Factual violation issue
    • Any party involved, place and date ofevent 
    • Loss occurred

Protection for Whistleblower and Reported Party
Function of WBS manager is to protect whistleblower confidentiality by upholding confidentiality principle, among others:

  1. In performing follow-up process for every report submission/disclosure has to promote confidentiality, presumption of innocence and professionalism principle.
  2. Whistleblower identity confidentiality is guaranteed by the Company.
  3. The Company guarantees protection from Whistleblower from any threat, intimidation, punishment or other displeased manner from any party as long the Whistleblower protects confidentiality of the     case reported rom any party.
  4. The protection is also applied for employees who performed investigation or other parties giving information related with violation reporting/disclosure.

Report Handling (Reward and Punishment)

  1. If investigation result concluded that the complaint submitted containing bad intention, fake evident, malevolence element, without firm basis, the whistleblower may be sued forth or charged by punishment in accordance with prevailing regulation.
  2. For whistleblower with good will, the Company also gives legal protection in compliance with prevailing regulation.
  3. The Company also gives reward to whistleblower for fraud that succeeded to be proven that assets/financial of the Company is saved. The reward is given under BOD policy by upholding whistleblower confidentiality or protection aspects.
  4. Reported party who is proven committing violation will be punished in compliance with prevailing regulation.
  5. For the reported party who is not proven committing violation, the Company has the liability to restore the reputation or provide rehabilitation.