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Corporate Governance

Risk Management

Risk Management Policy as a mandate and commitment of PP in Risk Management implementation. 

The Company has determined risk management policy as part of corporate policy signed by President Director. The risk management policy contained risk management implementation objectives and direction as well as duty of every unit in the Company’s risk management.The risk management policy regulated clearly that every employee is being responsible and accountable in managing each risks in consistent and continuous manner. Meanwhile, as the highest accountability holder in risk management, the Management draws strategic direction and set risk parameter.

As the risk management supervisor in the Company, Risk Management Division (DVMR) was established under the Finance Director. As risk manager in the Company, DVMR provides recommendation upon risk measurement in every unit according to best and most update information to give recommendation in management strategic decision making.

The risk management implementation is an integrated part of strategic planning and operational activity of the Company, as embodiment of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) implementation.  With good risk management, every risk is expected to be identified, managed, controlled and mitigated properly that will not encourage negative implication against the Company’s target achievement. In addition, good risk management implementation will also explore opportunity to boost profit of the Company as well as increase trust from the stakeholders.

Risk Management Road Map

The Company has a risk management road map used as DVMR working plan as the risk manager in the Company.