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Corporate Governance

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary has an important role in facilitating communication among corporate bodies, relationship between the Company and stakeholders, and compliance with law and regulation.

In the Company’s organization structure, Corporate Secretary is led by a Corporate Secretary who is in charge directly to the President Director.

To support the activities, Corporate Secretary supervises following units:

1. Departement of Investor Relations

2. Departement of Corporate Governance

3. Departement of Corporate & Digital Communications

Corporate Secretary helps the Board of Directors in performing good relationship between the Company as Entity with Regulator and stock market supporting agencies, investors, general public and stakeholders, as well as information manager related with the Company’s business circumstances. Pursuant to Financial Service Authority Regulation Number 35/POJK.04/2014 regarding Corporate Secretary in Listed Entity or Company, as well as Minister of State Owned Enterprise Regulation Number PER-01/MBU/2011 regarding Good Corporate Governance Practice in State Owned Enterprise.

Corporate Secretary appointment is based on PT PP (Persero) Tbk BOD Decree Number: 099/SK/PP/DIR/2020 dated June 19, 2020 that appointed Yuyus Juarsa as Corporate Secretary replacing Agus Samuel Kana.